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"Exclusive Vip is a leader company in Vip tourism. The needs, of the visitors to Greece to provide high quality service in all cases are still very strong. For us, are unique. The activity of our company is to make feel the visitor valuable, unique. To find the most reliable and absolute solutions to his requirements, from... someone to speak his language, to rent a villa, a vessel, a helicopter, a jet, or a limousine for his holidays. If he want to play golf or to do totally isolated holidays. To visit somewhere alone with privacy, far away from people, the accuracy of the routes, the hours and the days, with comfortability, luxurious, stylish and safety that he must have on his vacations, connect with all those things that are necessary and useful for him and those that are around to him to make him feel, special. VIP. Welcome to Greece."

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Exclusive V.I.P.
6 B, Kremou 
P.C. 176 76


Tel: +302114111050


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Welcoming to Greece the famous model Blesnya Minher !!

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