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Exclusive V.I.P. Security Services aims to provide full security services covering the entire range of our customers? needs, even the most unique of them, by offering then extra guarding and protection services of V.I.P.

In the context of carrying out these services, our company has highly trained security personnel which with absolute confidentiality and discretion can provide the necessary security and escort of V.I.P.s.

Our experience combined with the strictly followed procedures for the safety of the V.I.P.s, includes an assessment of risk levels arising by visiting the area that the guarded person will attend as part of a special team, which means they can fully cover their security needs.

Furthermore, after customers request we are able to:

  • Write detailed studies that will include costing and suggestions for the safe carrying out of the project of securing the guarded person.
  • Provide 24 hours a day specially trained guards to prevent any threatening actions.
  • Take care of the safe transportation of the guarded person as well as the persons close to him/her.
  • Organize classified operations for escorting or guarding. We are able to control and evaluate if any guest at social events in which the guarded is participating could be a potential treat.
  • Handle projects with special requirements, such as transition to a bank ? escort to money transfers.
  • Provide protection to minors.


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Exclusive V.I.P.
6 B, Kremou 
P.C. 176 76


Tel: +302114111050


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