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What does it mean to be safe? How can you know if you are really secure? What is the value of certainty? In a business where 99.9% simply isn?t good enough, Unity stands apart in its commitment to providing mobile security to its customers. In an increasingly challenging world, the most important service we deliver is the confidence that accompanies our services.

  • Confidence that the vehicle you are riding in employs the absolute best & latest technology available
  • Confidence that no detail in your journey has been overlooked
  • Confidence that your vehicle/ driver will protect you, your family and associated every time

At Unity we deliver total confidence in mobile security to all our customers who look to us not only for protection, but more importantly peace of mind. Our unique integrated Security Transport Service combines security protection and transportation simultaneously to ensure the needs of our valued clients are consistently and professionally met. Whether it is VIP protection, personal protection or bodyguard services whilst in transit, our expertly trained and qualified team of security personnel are well-equipped to deliver this unique service to you. Our security drivers hold defensive and evasive driving qualifications and experience that ensures the safe deliver of their most important assets.

Unity?s broad experience and extensive knowledge of the areas we work in, leading expertise and firsthand knowledge, all combine to make us absolutely certain that we provide the very best in mobile security.


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