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Wine routes of Attica and Greece is an explore of the fine Greek wine. Visit with Exclusive vip the places that the product became a finest bottled wine ready to serve pleasure to us. Foe example:

The Nemean region, situated just 115 kilometers southwest of Athens, is linked to numerous myths and traditions. It became better known because of the famous ?Labour? of Hercules, the defeat of the fearsome lion that used to prey on the area. The Nemean Lion was a beast of tremendous force, rage and size which lived in a cave with two exits on Mount Triton. The Semi-god hero blocked one of the exits of the cave trapping the animal inside, struck it with his bat, and finally strangled it with his bare hands. In the land of Nemea, according to the legend, reigned Flias, son of Dionysus (god of wine), who founded the town that bore his name, Fliasia. According to a version of the legend, the vine was cultivated for the first time here and wine was produced, the famous fliasios wine. The vine is considered to have been God's gift to his mortal son.
During the Byzantine period Nemea used to be called  St. George from the homonymous Byzantine church from which also derives the name of the famous grape variety, Agiorgitiko. The presence of the variety Agiorgitiko, and generally the cultivation of vines and the production of wine, has been reported in the region since 2000 BC.
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