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Have you ever interest about the history of Greece? This is the unique opportunity to see this mythical country with our company's way. Exclusive vip offers to you the luxurious and private transportation to unique places with programs and people to helps you discover the beauty of classical Greece.

Bellow you can see all the tours that you can do with Exclusive vip and some informations for you about each archeological site that you plan to visit.

We let you know that none of this tour include at the price of booking list an official tour guide to assist you and inform you for the history of these temples that you going to see and also the tickets to the archeological sites and the museums.

For more than one day tour that you can choose at the price are not include the drivers hotel for the nights that you need him and one meal per day for him.

Tickets to the archeological sites and the museums.

Official tour guide.

Ancient Olympia 2 days tour
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Delfi and Metora tour
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Argolis and Ancient Olympia tour
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